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Apartment Security

Custom Security Solutions for Multifamily Properties.
Perimeter Patrols, Vacant Unit Checks, and On-Demand Calls.
Starting at $600/month.

Why Hire Security for Your Apartment Building?

Reduce parking violations, squatting, and property crime. Improve quality of life for your residents. 

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We offer customized packages for apartment buildings, tailored to your specifications and budget.  Whether you need routine patrols, vacant unit checks, parking lot checks, amenity open/closing, process serving, and/or on-demand security for residents, we got you covered. 


All of our officers are trained in AVADE certified de-escalation techniques, and mission-focused on keeping your people and property safe, while reducing your liability. 

Benefits of Hiring an Apartment Security Service

Hire a flexible, experienced security company, serious about making your community safer. 

What Does An Apartment Security Package Look Like?

We offer a list of service options that we combine to create a custom solution for you.


Scheduled Patrols

You can schedule 1-5 patrols a night. These patrols can include perimeter checks, dismounted area checks, vacant unit checks, parking lot checks, and shared community space checks.  

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Afterhours Resident Service

Residents can call our afterhours hotline, 206-395-5605, or use our mobile platform, to summon a security office on-demand. Perfect for noise complaints, trespassing reports, and general security concerns. 

Bonus Services

All packages come with a complementary daily patrol log, running report log, and weekly security report. In addition, we offer process serving free of charge.   

What Makes CAPN Apartment Security Different

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