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About Us

CAPN Security Services is a full-service security company operating in Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma (as well as everywhere in between). 

The company was founded by Jeremy Kohlenberg, a former Army officer and veteran of the private security sector. Drawing on his experiences as a healthcare security manager, Jeremy designed the entire company around a singular purpose: helping WA-based small businesses and residents affordably stop vandalism, theft, and violent crime.


CAPN Security Services accomplishes this goal through four categories of service offerings:

1) Onsite Security

2) Apartment Security

2) Patrol Operations

3) SeerShield™

All of our services leverage the technology from our sister company, CAPN. Our technological integration allows us provide superior service for lower costs. All of our clients enjoy features such as tracking our officers' locations in real time, getting gps-audited security activity reports, and being able to summon officers on-demand at the push of a button.

Furthermore, CAPN Security Services places an emphasis on socially intelligent, compassionate interventions. Every single one of our interactions starts from a place of understanding and respect. This approach is proven to more quickly gain and maintain compliance from an offender, and results in less recidivism on client property. Additionally, this approach helps us build fruitful relationships with the local population, helping us gain additional information and leverage to accomplish our mission. 

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Our Team

Jeremy Profile Photo

Jeremy Kohlenberg

Owner & Operations Manager

Jeremy is responsible for running the day-to-day tactical and business operations for CAPN Security Services, including client outreach, managing contractors, and maintaining regulatory compliance. He spent over a decade as an Army officer, and later transitioned into a role managing security operations for CommonSpirit Health.

Jamal Profile Photo

Jamal Savage

Patrol Supervisor

Jamal is primarily responsible for CAPN's on-demand and smart patrol operations. He collects data, leads training, and formulates tactics/strategy for these services. Jamal also served over six years in the Army, before transitioning to a role on the Swedish Medical Center security team. 

Roman Profile Photo

Roman Nekrasov

Account Manager

Roman is responsible for CAPN Security Services' client accounts, including customer service, consultations, and strategic recommendations. Roman comes from an eclectic background, working as an account management for a variety of industries including construction and solar installation. 

Emily Profile Photo

Emily Simpson

Marketing Coordinator

Emily is responsible for CAPN Security Services' business development, including sales/marketing strategy and strategic partnership building. Emily possesses over a decade of of experience managing sales operations for startups. 

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